Here you can find all of the info about the debate (over the existence of God) I recently took place in. Hope you enjoy all the audio!

The newspaper article about the debate.

The full audio of the debate, straight through (it is a big file (around 50 mb), and the sound quality is not the greatest… I edited the files below so that the sound is better, and the files are smaller…. easier for downloading :)

Parts of the debate:

Introduction – By Dr. Beckstrom. He introduces the two sides and the topic.

Case For God – By Jordan and I. We present on our three points:

1. The Nonexistence of Atheists
2. Creation
3. Conscience

Case Against God – By Aaron and Chris. They present their three points:

1. Factually Disproving Christianity
2. Conceptually Disproving Christianity
3. The Necessity of Atheism, Humanism, Science and Reason

Debate – Free exchange between the sides. Covers topics like:

Validity of the Bible
Atheism as a world view
Christianity as a world view
Evidence, and lots of others!

Question and Answer Session – Both sides respond to questions like:

Why did Jesus have to die?
What about miracles?
Does prayer work?
What is faith?
What is truth?

The outline I used to speak from.

A rough transcript of what I said.



  1. This was a wonderful and insightful debate. Both sides did very well, however I must be honest in saying that I feel that Josh and Jordan were stronger in their presentation. I saw great maturity and reasoning from the Christian perspective. I was also impressed by how Josh and Jordan handled themselves when presented with unfactual, misconstrued information. Well done fellas.

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