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  1. “Josh” I was going to ask you if your Dad’s name is “Joseph” due to your username “Yhoshua” as in Yhoshua Bin Yhoseph – Joshua Bin Joseph – as in Jesus son of Joseph.

    Also Thanks for the link to the information (though I do somewhat disagree with some of it)
    See ya’

  2. I suppose I am really Yhoshua Bin Jeff (or Yheff ? :)

    I really found that particular sermon very helpful in formulating my understanding of God.

    Just curious, do you have any opinion of “The Shack”?

    – Josh

  3. Unknowen Reference: “The Shack”.

    What are you refering to?

  4. My apologies, that was a pretty vague question.

    I was referring to the book “The Shack” by William Young, it is a novel that attempts to help people understand the Trinity.

  5. Haven’t read it. Sorry.
    There is so much that most religious studied gloss over, it is nice to find documents that support your theories and intresting to find documents that do not agree with your views. Kind-of tests out why we beleive what we beleive.

  6. Yeah, I haven’t read it either, but from what I have heard of it, I disagree with most of its content; that is why I was wondering if you had any thoughts on it.

  7. my question to this conversation in the blog universe is: if you haven’t read the book “The Shack” how can you disagree with it? I haven’t read it either, but a good friend of mine gave it to me for my b’day…I would like to be open to see what can I learn from it. I don’t like to get into conclusions about something until I can really know about it…when I finish to read it I will let you know….


  8. Miguel,

    That is definitely a legitimate question. Although I have not read the book I have read quite a few reviews (one of the reviews was 17 pages long). From the reviews I have been able to get enough information about the book to disagree with it.

    For example, one of the key themes in the book is the trinity. In the Shack, the author portrays God the Father as an African-American woman named “Papa,” he portrays Jesus as a regular Middle Eastern guy, and the Holy Spirit is portrayed as a woman of Chinese descent.

    That right there causes lots of problems, in the Bible, God has chosen to reveal Himself as “Father” so to make two parts of the trinity women is a serious problem. Also, in the Bible, God the Father has no body, so to portray God the Father in the book as a person is incorrect (and a violation of the 2nd Commandment). Those are just two errors in the book, there are quite a few others as well. If these were small errors it wouldn’t be too bad. But the author is totally misrepresenting God… and that is a significant issue.

  9. If I am a very creating writer, so some times I can sense God, my Father, our Father to be a person for me. my question will be, what is our purpose as followers of Christ finding the weaknesses on others, or finding our own weaknesses so we can grow in Him? there are many books I don’t read because they don’t really interest me, I am not saying that The Shack has because I haven’t even start it. But I am interested to see what is the author’s point of view and how he/she sees things. Because one of two things can happens: I get stronger in Him or convinced by the authors. So my prayer will be to choose the first one and learn.

  10. God cannot be a person: “God is spirit” (John 4:24).

    And in regards to your question: “what is our purpose as followers of Christ finding the weaknesses on others.”

    Paul tell us that one of the marks of a “good servant of Jesus Christ” is that they follow good doctrine (1 Timothy 4:6). And although there are some doctrines that can be disagreed on, others are essential to being a Christian… and the doctrine of who God is, is one of the essential doctrines: “Anyone who goes ahead and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God; he who abides in the doctrine has both the Father and the Son” (2 John 9).

    Not only that, but we are supposed to “rebuke those who contradict it [sound doctrine].” (Titus 1:9). So, when an author clearly contradicts the Biblical understanding of who God is, I must disagree with them.

  11. Amigo,

    I hope you know I am not criticizing your comments, I am just opening a way of conversation so we can understand better our Christianity. I think that is the beauty of blogging. Thanks for your very passionate love of sound doctrine and love for Christ.

  12. Thats cool, perhaps I was looking for a theological argument where one was not to be found… my bad.

    – Josh

  13. it is not your bad, that is the beauty of a good conversation. I think is great to be able to really debate what we believe or at least defend it. I think the argument needs to be based in the transformational power of God, not just in the argument itself. What do you think about it?

  14. I would agree with the first part of what you said, I really enjoy discussing the truths contained in the Bible; but I am unsure to exactly what you mean by your last sentence (I think that the argument needs….). Hence, I am unable to render an appropriate appraisal of its content (I also enjoy making really simple sentences complex by using large, unnecessary words :)

  15. Hey, this has nothing to do with your previous convo but I was reading the lists of books that you liked. Are you interested in evangelism? It sounds like you’ve got a huge curiosity for Christ. It’s awesome.

  16. Butch,

    Thats ok… Yeah! I am super interested in evangelism – and missions. How about yourself?

    Thanks very much for the encouragement!

  17. That’s great!

    Yeah me too. My desire is to travel the world and evangelize for Christ.

    I firmly believe that this is my purpose in life and that this is what God has called me to do.

    I know that God placed me where I am to be a missionary and evangalize, but I also see a world dying for grace. Once I graduate college, I want to let God take me wherever He needs me to be.

    I love how this generation of teenagers are more on fire for God than ever. God keeps leading me to more and more kids with this same spark for sharing His love. If you really think about it, Jesus changed the world with one youth group. We’ve got our whole lives in front of us and huge ambitions.

    This world needs revival. I believe teenagers are to take on this generation.

  18. Very cool!

    Hey… can I suggest a couple of books that have really helped me to grow as a Christian in regards to evangelism (well, I guess that was kind of a dumb question a) it’s not like you can answer right away and b) I was planning on suggesting the books anyways; if you aren’t into reading that much, then you can forget the rest of this comment and just keep reading your Bible :)

    With regard to personal witnessing, The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort, is by far the best, it really helped me to understand how to Biblically share the Gospel with someone.

    In regards to missions in general, Revolution in World Missions, by K.P. Yohannan is excellent. This book originally got me interested in missions work – actually, by clicking on the animated, light brownish colored link towards the bottom of my side bar, you can obtain a free copy of this book… I would highly recommend it!

    In regards to revival, Revival Gods Way by Leonard Ravenhill is really good, I recently read this book and it is really convicting.

  19. Okay thank you very much! I will definitely read them!

  20. well about this phrase ” I think the argument needs to be based in the transformational power of God, not just in the argument itself. What do you think about it?”…let me try to explain it to you. The first thing that you may consider is that my first language is not English, so some times when I try to say something profound something is lost in translation. Second what I was trying to say is that to argue just for the sake of it doesn’t make sense for me if the transformational power of Christ in not include. (argumentar sin incluir el poder transformador de Cristo para mi no tiene ningu sentido)..I know!, but Spanish still my first language…:)

  21. Ahh, yes, I would definitely agree with that! It reminds me of the 1 Corinthians chapter 13… there has got to be a verse in there that reads something like… “Even if I yield up syllogisms and logically sound arguments to those I disagree with, but have not love, I and they, gain nothing” :)

    Oh, and no worries about your sentence, I believe it was more me failing to understand, than you failing to communicate.

  22. A seventeen year old with a picture of John Owen on his blog? Amazing! Putting God’s sovereignty to one side a moment, I think your parents did GOOD! Be blessed my friend
    John Whitener III

  23. Thanks – I’ll pass along the compliment to my parents!

  24. Hi,

    I found the blog through a comment you left at The Blazing Center.

    I have read “The Shake,” and I still disagree with it. But I also disagree with you in saying that God cannot be a person. I think God is three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each has separate personalities. Even though God is spirit like you referenced, He can still be a person… or three persons. A human is a person and has a body and a spirit. God simply doesn’t have a body, but He still has personal attributes.

    Anyway, just thought I’d add my perspective to the mix. By the way, I’m 19 (I measure in years, so I’m not sure how many days that is).

    – Marshall
    from bondChristian

  25. Hey, let me know when you want me to update my blog link to your new URL. May God richly use your blog!

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