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Hopefully this blog will help you to experience the Good Life, but, to do that we must first define what the Good Life is. The following is the cornerstone/flagship post of this blog, so I have included it for you to view before going on to look at other posts and such. Also, make sure you check out the tab entitled “The Gospel”. Enjoy, Josh.

The Good Life

Psalm 16:2 “I say to the LORD, ‘You are my Lord; I have no good apart from you.'” (ESV)

Finding what “the good” is, and then pursuing it (resulting in the “Good Life”) has been the goal of philosophy since the time of Socrates. From his time, to ours many different answers to this question have been proposed, everything from pleasure (Epicurious’s answer) to contemplation (Aristotle’s answer). In this part of the Bible, King David states that there is no good apart from God (and not just any god, but the God, Yahweh). He answers the age old question, “What is the Good Life?” by stating that there is no good apart from God.

If one has no good apart from the God, then why spend any time or energy pursuing things aside from the God. Good is only found in God, the Good Life is found by knowing God and being known by Him. Not only that, but the Psalmist continues, “The sorrows of those who run after another god shall multiply.” (Psalm 16:4). Pursuing other gods (such as, sports, ministry, family, friends, books et cetera) will only multiply ones sorrow. That certainly is not the epitome of the Good Life.

Good is found only in God, and sorrow is the only thing found outside of God. Why then would anyone (especially professing Christians) waste their time and energy pursuing anything but God?

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    LOL no for real…i really overlyjoyed! that…i like that part about god is good.! qut! print wrap! call it
    name! it sell it! there you go!

  2. u r so right josh..really apart fm God nuthin is gud…..in God all is gud……..

  3. Soni,

    Yep, so now the hard part is acting on that knowledge.

    – Josh

  4. Yes Joshua Acting

  5. Just wondered if you would be interested in any free CDs of Paul Washer?

    Also wondered if you have read the book “Justification & Regeneration” by Charles Leiter? If not, we would be glad to send you a copy as a gift.

    M. Leiter

  6. Wow, I really enjoy listening to Paul Washer, so yes, I would definitely be interested in CD’s of Paul Washer.

    I have not read “Justification and Regeneration” by Charles Leiter, but I have been looking into getting it… a copy would be amazing.

    Thanks a lot for offering! Should I send you an e-mail with my contact information?

    – Josh

  7. Josh,

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Thanks for throwing us in your blogroll, and I hope you enjoy.

    Andrew Faris

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